Dentistry - Version 2016

In the 2022-2023 academic year the above mentioned study plan is valid for the 5th year students only.

Explanatory Notes for the Tables Below

Study: Full Time Form of Studies
Credits Limit: 300 Credits
Prerequisites: Version 2016 (.pdf)

Obligatory Subjects

SubjectCreditsHoursCompleted byRecomm. yearSemester
BIO/ZAA11Biology & Genetics030S+45S+0SCon1WS
CJA/ZAA41Czech 100S+0S+90SCon1WS
LBF/ZAB11Medical Biophysics315S+45S+0SCon,Ex1WS
LCH/ZAA11Medical Chemistry315S+30S+0SCon,Ex1WS
ST1/ZAA40Pre-Clinical Dentistry 1030S+75S+0SCon1WS
BIO/ZAB11Biology & Genetics9*30S+0S+45SCon,Ex1SS
CJA/ZAB41Czech 110*0S+0S+90SCon,Ex1SS
HIE/ZAB11Histology & Embryology 1430S+45S+0SCon1SS
KAR/VAB11First Aid215S+6S+0SCo1SS
ST1/ZAB01Preventive Dentistry & Cariology 120S+0S+30SCon1SS
ST1/ZAB40Pre-Clinical Dentistry 112*30S+75S+0SCon1SS
ST1/ZAB81Dentistry - Clinical Training 12*5 days (30S)Con1SS
CJA/ZAA42Czech 20*0S+0S+30SCon2WS
HIE/ZAA12Histology & Embryology 26*42S+39S+0SCon,Ex2WS
LCH/ZAA21Biochemistry 10*15S+45S+0SCon2WS
ST1/ZAA03Preventive Dentistry & Cariology 20*30S+45S+0SCon2WS
ST1/ZAA43Pre-Clinical Dentistry 28*30S+75+0SCon,Ex2WS
CJA/ZAB42Czech 24*0S+0S+30SCon,Ex2SS
LCH/ZAB21Biochemistry 29*15S+30S+0SCon,Ex2SS
MIK/ZAB11Microbiology 10*15S+30S+0SCon2SS
PFY/ZAB11Pathological Physiology 10*30S+45S+0SCon2SS
PSY/ZAB21Psychology in Dental Practice1*0S+0S+15SCon2SS
ST1/ZAB03Preventive Dentistry & Cariology 211*30S+45S+0SCon,Ex2SS
ST1/ZAB71Prosthetic Technology6*15S+60S+0SCon,Ex2SS
ST1/ZAB82Dentistry - Clinical Training 22*5 days (30S)Con2SS
IN1/ZAA11Internal Medicine 10*0S+30S+30SCon3WS
MIK/ZAA12Microbiology 2 - Oral Microbiology5*15S+30S+0SCon,Ex3WS
NAN/ZAA32Normal Anatomy of the Head & Neck2*0S+0S+15SCon,Ex3WS
PAT/ZAA22Pathology - Oral Pathology7*30S+30S+0SCon,Ex3WS
PFY/ZAA12Pathological Physiology 28*15S+45S+0SCon,Ex3WS
ST1/ZAA20Dental Radiology315S+30S+0SCon,Ex3WS
CH2/ZAB11Surgery 120S+30S+15SCon3SS
IN2/ZAB13Internal Medicine 24*0S+30S+30SCon3SS
LBF/ZAB21Software Equipment in Dental Office215S+30S+0SCon3SS
ST1/ZAB11Gnathology, Basic of Prosthodontics315S+22S+10SCon,Ex3SS
ST1/ZAB13Microscopic Endodontics1*0S+6S+4SCon3SS
ST1/ZAB14Orthodontics Treatment Planning20S+14S+14SCon3SS
ST1/ZAB23Pediatric Dentistry 110S+0S+15SCon3SS
ST1/ZAB31Orthodontics 1415S+16S+16SCon3SS


Periodontology 120S+0S+30SCon3SS
ST1/ZAB83Dentistry - Clinical Training 32*5 days (30S)Con3SS
UCH/ZAB14Oral Surgery 11*0S+0S+15SCon3SS
CH2/ZAA12Surgery 20*0S+15S+15SCon4WS
INF/ZAA11Infectious Diseases215S+12S+2SCon,Ex4WS
IN3/ZAA11Internal Medicine 33*0S+30S+30SCon,Ex4WS
KOZ/ZAA11Dermatology & Venereology2*15S+15S+0SCon,Ex4WS
ST1/ZAA24Pediatric Dentistry 20*15S+30S+0SCon4WS
ST1/ZAA33Orthodonctics 20*15S+30S+15SCon4WS
ST1/ZAA35Operative Dentistry 10*15S+60S+0SCon4WS
ST1/ZAA52Periodontology 20*5S+25S+10SCon4WS
ST1/ZAA61Prosthodontics 10*30S+53S+0SCon4WS
UCH/ZAA24Oral Surgery 20*15S+45S+0SCon,Ex4WS
CH2/ZAB12Surgery 23*0S+15S+15SCon4SS
PLE/ZA011Emergency Medicine in Dentistry 110S+3S+2SCo4SS
ST1/ZAB24Pediatric Dentistry 26*0S+30S+15SCon,Ex4SS
ST1/ZAB33Orthodontics 26*0S+15S+30SCon4SS
ST1/ZAB35Operative Dentistry 16*15S+45S+0SCon,Ex4SS
ST1/ZAB53Periodontology 25*8S+25S+7SCon,Ex4SS
ST1/ZAB61Prosthodotics 16*15S+45S+0SCon,Ex4SS
ST1/ZAB84Dentistry - Clinical Training 46*15 days (90S)Con4SS
UCH/ZAB24Oral Surgery 25*15S+45S+0SCon4SS
UCH/ZAB72Professional Practice in Medical Emergency Services in Dentistry1*0S+6S+0SCon4SS
FAR/ZAA21Clinical Pharmacology10S+0S+15SCo5WS
CH2/ZAA13Surgery 32*0S+0S+15SCon,EX5WS
NEU/ZAA11Preventive Physiotherapy for Dentistry10S+0S+15SCo5WS
PLE/ZA021Emergency Medicine in Dentistry 210S+4S+2SCo5WS
PVL/ZAA12Management, Ethics, Law & Social Aspects of Dentistry30S+0S+30SCon,Ex5WS
SLP/ZAA11Forensic Problem in Dentistry215S+15S+0SCo5WS
ST1/ZAA25Pediatric Dentistry 30*0S+20S+0SCon5WS
ST1/ZAA36Operative Dentistry 20*15S+55S+0SCon5WS
ST1/ZAA38Orthodontics 34*0S+15S+15SCon,Ex5WS
ST1/ZAA45Oral Medicine022S+15S+8SCo5WS
ST1/ZAA62Prosthodontics 20*15S+60S+0SCon5WS
UCH/ZAA23Dental Implantology40S+0S+20SCo5WS
UCH/ZAA34Oral Surgery 34*15S+56S+0SCon,Ex5WS
ST1/ZAB25Pediatric Dentistry 34*0S+20S+0SCon5SS
ST1/ZAB34Orthodontics 3 3*0S+24S+12SCon5SS
ST1/ZAB36Operative Dentistry 28*0S+55S+15SCon5SS
ST1/ZAB45Oral Medicine40S+20S+0SCon5SS
ST1/ZAB62Prosthodontics 210*0S+75S+15SCon5SS
ST1/ZA091Operative Dentistry0*0+0+0Sri5SS
ST1/ZA092Prosthodontics & Orthodontics0*0+0+0Sri5SS
UCH/ZAB34Oral Surgery 33*15S+56S+0SCon5SS
UCH/ZA091Oral Surgery0*0+0+0Sri5SS

Elective Subjects

(Minimum 1 Credit Required)

Subject Credits Hours Completed by Recomm. year Semester
ST1/ZA073 Internship at the Medical Emergency Service in Dentistry 1 0S+6S+0S Con 4 WS/SS

Optional Subjects

Subject Credits Hours Completed by Recomm. year Semester
DLF/VC051 Student Research - Active Participation 1 2 0+0+0 Con 1 WS/SS
DLF/VC052 Student Research - Active Participation 2 2 0+0+0 Con 1 WS/SS
DLF/VC053 Student Research - Active Participation 3 2 0+0+0 Con 1 WS/SS
LCH/ZAA41 Calculations in Medical Chemistry 1* 0S+0S+8S Con 1 WS
KMS/VA011 Europe: User's Guide 2 12S+0S+0S Con 1 SS
KAR/VA051 Advanced First Aid 3 0S+28S+0S Con 2 SS
LBF/VAB42 3D Printing in Medicine 2 0S+4S+3S Con 2 SS
PFY/VA021 Seminars in Pathopfysiology 2* 0S+0S+10S Con 3 WS/SS
ST1/ZAA72 Preparation for Restorative & Prosthodontic Restorations 2* 0S+24S+0S Con 3 WS
LCH/VAB52 Microbiome and Its Role in the Human Body 2* 0S+0S+8S Con 3 SS
CH1/VA031 Basic of Surgical Sutures 1* 0S+4S+0S Con 4 WS/SS
TRA/VA041 Fractures in Children 1* 0S+0S+4S Con 4 WS/SS
PVL/VAA51 Instruments of Evidence Based Healthcare 2 0S+10S+5S Co 4 WS
ST1/ZA062 Incisors Modeling Using the Vanini´s Stratification Technique 4* 0S+20S+0S Con 4 SS
PSY/ZAB11 Psychiatry 2 0S+15S+0S Con,Ex 4 SS
PVL/VAB52 Importance of Systematic Reviews in the Medicine 2 0S+10S+10S Co 4 SS
ST1/ZA062 Incisors Modeling Using the Vanini´s Stratification Technique 4* 0S+20S+0S Con 5 WS

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