Best Students / Graduates

Since 2015 the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University Olomouc, awards the prize for the best student of the 1st year and the best graduate in both General Medicine and Dentistry study programme every year. The prize for the best student of the 1st year is handed in to the student during the autumn meeting of the Academic Senate. The prize for the best graduate is announced during the graduation ceremony. Below you can find the overwiev of students awarded so far.

Best students of the 1st year:

Academic yearGeneral MedicineDentistry
2018/2019Mr. Kenichiro IKEDAMs. Unyime-Abasi Mfon INYANG
2017/2018Ms. Avia COHENMr. Adam Maciej BILSKI
2016/2017Mr. Tsu-Ching PUMr. Hao-Hsien WANG
2015/2016Mr. Chun-Kai SHEUMr. Habib Osman JEILANI
2014/2015Mr. Ilay SHANIMr. Tanraj Singh BANSAL

Best graduates:

Graduation yearGeneral MedicineDentistry
2019Miss Chih-Yu KOMr. Tanraj Singh BANSAL
2018Miss Mun Yee NGMr. James Oliver Edward LAKIN
2017Miss Mei Yen CHIN Mr. Naveen SIVANANDAM
2016Miss Melisa Binti MOHD SALLEH(not awarded)
2015Miss Dalila Binti MAHAMUD PAUZIMiss Sheena Satish SHARMA