Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony for General Medicine and Dentistry programmes will take place at the Ceremonial Hall of the Military Hospital "Hradisko" (address: Sušilovo nám. 5, Olomouc).

Graduation Ceremony Information

After their last State Comprehensive (Rigorosum) Examination, students need to come in person to the Students' Office (regardless of the office hours) to register for the graduation ceremony. They need to bring:

  • a) their study credit book (index)
  • b) a written confirmation issued by the Medical Branch Library stating that all borrowed books have been returned

Students also need to undergo an exit medical assessment. More information is available from the Students' Office.

Students who complete their studies and will no longer have their meals in the University Hospital Olomouc canteen need to notify the canteen office (Ms Martina Hynštová, phone 588 444 343, e-mail and collect the balance.

Golden Graduation Ceremony

The Golden Graduation Reunion is a great opportunity to meet your classmates again and see how things changed over the past fifty years at the faculty. Our faculty has organized the Golden Graduation Ceremony since 2010 and it usually takes place in October or November. In previous years, alumni were invited to the lecture hall of the Faculty of Arts, now alumni meet  for the ceremony in the magnificent Ceremonial Hall of the Military Hospital Hradisko (address: Sušilovo nám 5, Olomouc).

On the eve of the Golden Graduation Ceremony, there is the Lecture evening which takes place in the Big Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Mediceine and Dentistry, and where some of the golden graduates give inspiring lectures and commemorative sessions.

This year, again, we are organizing the Golden Graduation Reunion and 1968 graduates are sincerely welcomed to attend.

For more information, contact Mgr. Veronika Glogarová, e-mail:

Diamond Graduation Ceremony

The Diamond Graduation tradition started in 2017 and our faculty usually organizes it in April, within the Roots Alumni Reunion. Diamond graduates meet at the Alma mater after 60 years and obtain honorary diplomas as acknowledgement of their life work and service to patients and medical science.

Our graduates and alumni are an integral part of the faculty life and as such, they are always welcomed at their Alma mater.

In case you are, or know, a 1969 graduate, please contact
Mgr. Veronika Glogarová, e-mail:

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