Adjustment of Teaching

Dear students,

Based on the requirements of the Faculty Hospital Olomouc where there are changes in organisation of operation due to the epidemiological situation and considering the increasing number of patients from the staff, we decided to reschedule and move clinical classes in the 4th and 5th year of Všeobecné lékařství (General Medicine in Czech) study programme and 3rd to 5th year of General Medicine (in English) partly to the summer semester and theoretical classes to this, ongoing semester. Subjects of general medicine for Dentistry take place online. This is based on the assumption that it will be possible to realize the clinical classes face-to-face.

In a practical way, this means that subjects of 3rd to 5th year of General Medicine taught by Department of Public Health, Department of Forensic Medicine and Medical Law and Department of Immunology will be held in the winter semester for all groups, i.e. also such which are to be taught in the summer semester. The classes will be mostly realised in an electronic form without a time limit of access to study materials. The particular information on ways of teaching in such subjects can be found in MOODLE and at IS/STAG during the next week. In the winter semester, there will only take place lessons of Infectious Diseases, Medical Genetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology and Urology according to the original schedule. You will be informed about the changes in your schedule of classes which will be rescheduled for the summer semester immediately after the schedule for the summer semester will be adjusted.

The meaning of the above-mentioned adjustment is, in these difficult times, to offer students as much classes as possible which can be realised without contacts with patients in the winter semester and clinical training which, on the other hand, requires intensive contact with patients for the summer semester. Follow-up of these changes, you will be offered more examination dates on these subjects, including final state exams, which can be also done by those who will have their classes in the summer semester.

Kind regards

prof. MUDr. Josef Zadražil, CSc.

The Declaration of Common Procedure of the Faculties of Medicine in the CR for Coordination of Students‘ Help in the Health System with Their Full-time Studies in Academic Year 2020 – 2021

In connection with escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic, with the related Government-stated limitations in teaching and with wide help of hundreds, even thousands of medical students in the health system, the Association of Deans of Medical Faculties in the CR has agreed to comply with the following principles in academic year 2020-21:

  1. The main goal is to provide all students with conditions and possibilities so that they are able to meet all their study requirements (credits and examinations) in this academic year, specifically until September 30, 2021 at latest.
  2. Management of the faculties will help to reach the goal by flexible modifications of schedules, prolongation of exam period, providing sufficient amount of alternative dates for practical training, traineeships, credits and examinations.
  3. In case where a branch in which a student helps within the health system corresponds with a branch in which he/she was to have clinical training or practice, the faculties will (after individual consideration of a study field guarantor) recognise such practical help, or its part, as an equivalent replacement.
  4. Management of the faculties will make every possible effort to keep the quality and quantity of teaching affected by the current situation to a minimum. However, we ask all students to accept with understanding any possible modifications in teaching mainly in clinical fields in cases where teaching doctors will simultaneously have to meet extreme requirements for health care for patients, either due to high numbers of patients or to work for ill colleagues.

Information on teaching during the state of emergency

Dear students,

I would like to inform you that based on the Czech Government Resolution No. 1023 of October 12, 2020, a work duty has been declared for 4th and 5th-year students of Czech study programs General Medicine (Všeobecné lékařství) and 5th-year students of Dentistry (Zubní lékařství).

According to the Czech law, you, as English program students, are NOT called for a duty to help in the health system, nevertheless we would appreciate your voluntary help, particularly of those of you with good skills in communication in Czech language.

In contrast to the Czech programs, teaching of General Medicine and Dentistry will take place as before October 15, 2020. Therefore lectures and seminars will be held online via live streaming whereas practical lessons will take place as face-to-face teaching, except of clinic- or department- issued emergency situation. As usual, all information on teaching can be found on Moodle.

Please, check the official website COVID-19 which is regularly updated:

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards


Josef Zadražil,
the Dean

Dean’s Directions for Teaching from October 12, 2020

In response to the Government Resolution of Oct 8, 2020, No. 997 (see this document) which effective from Oct 12, 2020, till Oct 25, 2020, prohibits personal attendance of students at classes at colleges and Universities, all theoretical classes at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry becomes on-line (i.e. real-time streaming).

This Resolution does not apply to clinical and practical training and practice at hospitals which continues in its present form. The particular form of in-person clinical and practical training is to be decided by heads of departments and guarantors of individual subjects.

Best regards

Josef Zadražil

Dean’s directions for teaching

With respect to the current development of the epidemiological situation the management of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry decided that with effect from October 12, 2020 (Monday) lectures and seminars scheduled for the whole class, i.e. with participation of all students from a respective class, will take place only on-line (i.e. real-time streaming). This decision does not relate to practical teaching and block seminars which carry on to take place in a contact form.

The form and realization of distant theoretical and modified practical teaching is up to responsible consideration of a guarantor of the relevant subject. The way and updated directions for teaching of all subjects have to be stated for individual subjects (mandatory, optional, mandatory-optional) on Moodle, including corresponding study materials.

Financial contribution towards your COVID-19 test

Students, arriving from “red zone” countries between 24.08.2020 and 21.09.2020 were pursuant to a protective measure issued by the Czech Ministry of Health obliged to undertake two PCR tests, the cost of which they had to cover.

The faculty will contribute a total of CZK 1,000 to each student who had to take the tests. In order to be eligible for the contribution, you must have arrived from a “red zone” country within the said dates.

If you would like to make use of this contribution, you will need to produce a receipt confirming that you have paid for the test (a copy of your bank statement showing the payment is also acceptable). The contribution is applicable per person, not per test. The receipt together with your bank details (Czech koruna account only) should be delivered to the Student Affairs Office or emailed to
Your claim should be submitted by 31.10.2020 at the latest.



In connection with the recent epidemiological situation with COVID-19 disease in the Czech Republic and at Olomouc region, the Faculty management adopts the following provisions and recommendations in accordance with the Czech Government regulations:

  1. LF UP will act upon legislative and hygiene-epidemiological measures defined by the Government of the Czech Republic. Thus wearing masks and other protective equipment at the Faculty premises is mandatory in accordance with the current Government regulations.
  2. When visiting a clinical department within clinical training, mask wearing is mandatory and students are required to have their own masks with them. Individual clinical departments can, in relation to a specific character of clinical teaching, demand other personal protective equipment and such requirements are necessary to be respected. When in contact with patients, only disposable (single-use) head covernigs are accepted – mouthpiece assembly, FFP 2 or FFP 3 filter.
  3. In case any student will have symptoms of infectious disease or comes into contact with a person tested positive for Covid-19 we are appealing to your personal responsibility and ask you no to enter the Faculty premises. In such a case a student is obliged to inform a secretary of the department in writing about this fact. Lessons which a student was not able to complete because of on medical grounds will not be necessary to be compensated. In case you want to compensate for the lessons missed, the respective department will decide whether this is possible.
  4. Foreign students and students from other regions than Olomoucky can, in a case of acute health problems come to primary outpatient care at Military Hospital Olomouc (VNOL -
  • A student from Olomouc region ---- a GP
  • A student from another region ---- VNOL (tel. 973407040)
  • A foreign student ---- VNOL (tel. 973407040 – an English-speaking person kpt. MUDr. Darina Kaiprová)
  1. TUITION: The information of August 25, 2020 is valid and tuition at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry will be standard unless the Government of the CR states otherwise.
  2. FNOL CAFETERIA: The Hospital management decided that students are prohibited to enter the Hospital cafeteria. As soon as the decision changes, we will inform you on this website.
  3. HAND.HYGIENE: Please, pay attention to improved hand-hygiene (frequent washing, disinfection).
  4. INFORMATION: If you have any questions, topics or comments, please contact the vice-deans for study affairs.
  5. LINKS: Other important information related to the recent provisions can be found here:  

The Faculty management will keep you informed and update the information according to the development of the epidemiological situation and the Czech Government provisions.


  1. Wearing masks and other protective equipment at the Faculty premises is mandatory in accordance with the current Government regulations.
  2. In case any student will have symptoms of infectious disease – fever, respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms, etc. – we are appealing to your personal responsibility and ask you no to enter the Faculty premises. And any other public space and to contact your GP.
  3. The information of August 25, 2020 is valid and tuition at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry will be standard unless the Government of the CR states otherwise.
  4. Other important information related to the recent provisions can be found here: 

Updates to entry into the Faculty buildings

All standard entrances into the buildings of the Theoretical Institutes (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry) and the study room will be open in a day mode (7 a.m. - 6 p.m.) from September 7, 2020.

The Faculty library is open in the standard working time, i.e. 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. from September 1, 2020.


The winter semester will begin in a standard mode. We monitor the recent development and we will inform you without delay about all potential changes in the learning mode either on this website or via e-mail.

Also a relevant form was adjusted, requiring recently confirmation of insurance against Covid-19 in case of long-term stays so this insurance is considered mandatory upon entering the territory of the Czech republic.

For more information on the Government executive order see

The rules for masks wearing and other instructions may now be regulated locally by decision of individual regional hygiene offices based on the particular situation in a region.

Conditions for entry into the Czech Republic as of 20 July 2020

Traffic lights terminology speaking, the Czech authorities distinguish between green zone countries = countries with a low risk of COVID-19 contagion, and the red zone countries = all other countries

The list of green zone countries can be found here.

Students arriving from the red zone countries have obligation to contact a regional Public Health Office (KHS) upon their entry to CZ, to undergo a PCR test in the Czech territory and to submit the test result to KHS within 72 hours from the entry - otherwise, a necessary quarantine measure shall be ordered.

To announce your arrival, you are advised to fill in this questionnaire and send it to

PCR tests can be either undergone at the Prague airport ( or can be performed in the University hospital Olomouc ( where, however, prior online reservation is required.

Please note:

There is a restriction on free movement (i.e. movement around the territory only for predefined reasons) for 14 days after returning from the red zone countries. The main reason for this is the imprecision of testing and the related necessity of limiting the risk of transmission during the incubation period.

For any updates please check the Czech Ministry of Interior’s website.

Options of recognising clinical practices for students of the Faculty carried out as part of volunteer work in health care facilities during the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 epidemics

Clinical trainings can be recognised in the study programmes General Medicine and Dentistry as follows:

1. Summer clinical practices carried out as part of obligatory courses can only be recognised provided that the contents of the training mostly corresponded with the given course and also provided that a student has completed all respective prerequisites stated in the training’s syllabus.

General Medicine programme of study

  • PLE/VABP1 Basic Procedures in Healthcare – Clinical Practice
  • PLE/VABP2 Obligatory Practice in General Practitioner’s Office
  • DET/VABP2 Pediatrics – Clinical Training
  • CH1/VABP2 Surgery – Clinical Training
  • PGY/VABP2 Gynecology and Obstetrics – Clinical Training
  • PLE/VA052 Mandatory Clinical Training in Selected Medical Specialties

Dentistry programme of study

  • ST1/ZAB81 Dentistry – Clinical Training 1
  • ST1/ZAB82 Dentistry – Clinical Training 2
  • ST1/ZAB83 Dentistry – Clinical Training 3
  • ST1/ZAB84 Dentistry – Clinical Training 4
  • UCH/ZAB72 Professional Practice in Medical Emergency Services in Dentistry

Credit for all above stated courses will be given by a course coordinator stated in the syllabi for the respective course.

2. If the contents of volunteer work does not correspond to the contents of the above stated clinical trainings or if a student has already completed the training or has not completed the prerequisites to take such training, it will be recognised as an optional course training.

General Medicine programme of study

  • DLF/VC011 Clinical Training 1
  • DLF/VC012 Clinical Training 2
  • DLF/VC013 Clinical Training 3

Dentistry programme of study

  • ST1/ZA073 Internship at the Medical Emergency Service

In order to have any of the above stated courses recognised, a student should submit a confirmation of having completed such training to the Student Affairs Office (the confirmation can be dropped in the mail box by the faculty reception, sent via post or email) and the credit will be awarded to him/her by the respective Vice-Dean. In case of any queries or concerns please contact your Registrar or Vice-Dean.


Prof. Mgr. MUDr. Milan Raška, Ph.D.

MDDr. Iva Voborná, Ph.D.

Rules for Entry and Movement throughout the Building of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The faculty buildings are only open on working days. Students can only enter the faculty buildings after a prior agreement by a teacher, a faculty employee, in form of signing up for an exam.

In certain situations, it is possible to move inside the UP faculties without face masks, respirators, bandanas or any other protective equipment. This applies to students, academic workers and members of examination boards, in case the distance of minimum 1.5 m is kept between all the people present at the place and in case there are maximum 15 people in a room. In any other situation, the protective equipment for breathing protection is mandatory. The particular conditions are specified by a person responsible for the particular situation.

The rule for students continues to apply that their personal presence at the university for the purpose of study, examination or other activity at university is only possible if the following conditions are met:

  • A student is without acute health issues implying viral infectious disease (e.g. fever, cough, dyspnoea, sudden loss of smell and taste, etc.),
  • Students will disinfect their hands before entering into an examination room, the disinfectant will be provided by the university,
  • A student is not enforced quarantine provisions at a given time,
  • A student will provide a written affirmed statement of non-existence of symptoms of viral infectious disease. (The from is available HERE, alternatively it is available at the reception desk by the entrance into the building. The forms shall be submitted to a teacher/a faculty employee with whom they have a meeting. The submitted affirmations will be collected and archived at the particular departments.)
  • When moving within the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, please respect hygiene conditions and distance between people of minimum 1.5 m.  
  • Study rooms and the faculty library are closed.

Updates to teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry as per 11. 5. 2020

Despite the fact that as per 11. 05. face-to-face teaching and examinations of  up to 15 students + teachers/examiners is now possible, it is recommended for this option to only be used for courses that cannot be carried out online.

Courses already taught online will be completed online. This also applies to examinations, including final state examinations, defenses and state doctoral exam already planned online.

As per 11. 05. 2020 the following new measures apply at UP:

  1. Final state examinations, state doctora exams, thesis defenses and consulations will take place in the same manner as announced from 20. 04. 2020:
    1. on-line, especially when it is not possible to conduct the exams in person (when it would threaten the health of the examiner(s) or students, due to the limited movement within and to and from the Czech Republic, etc.);
    2. in person, meanwhile respecting all safety measures connected with the state of emergency (max. 15 students, two-metres’ physical distance, breathing passages covered, etc.), and the rules of Emergency Law No. 188/2020; organisation of Bachelor’s exams, defenses, Master’s exams and consultations will take place on the faculty and department level
  2. Consultations and classes for students of all class-years are possible from 11. 05. 2020:
    1. on-line, as is being done;
    2. in person, up to max. 15 students, especially in subjects whose character does not make on-line teaching possible, meanwhile respecting all safety measures (max. 15 students, two-metres’ physical distance, breathing passages covered, etc.), the organisation of which will take place on the faculty and department levels
  3. Clinical and practical classes and internships are still possible, without any changes since the announcement of 27. 04. 2020
  4. Mass lectures for all class-years will continue to take place only on-line (on-line), until further notice.
  5. Final exams, class credit exams, and fulfilment of other study requirements for all class years will similarly take place according to the announcement of 27. 04. 2020:
    1. on-line, especially when it is not possible to conduct the exams in person (when it would threaten the health of the examiner(s) or students, limited movement within and to and from the Czech Republic, etc.);
    2. in person, with a maximum of 15 students, meanwhile respecting all safety measures connected with the state of emergency (two-metres’ physical distance, breathing passages covered, etc.), and the rules of Special Law No. 188/2020; organisation will take place on the faculty and department levels.
  6. Entrance exams will take place on-line at faculties where possible.

Furthermore, the following is valid:
Students can take part in classes, exams, and/or other activities at the university as long as they obey the following conditions:

  • they are without acute health problems associated with the viral infection (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of appetite or smell, etc.),
  • they disinfect their hands at the entrance to the examination room; disinfectant supplies will be provided by the university,
  • they are not at that time themselves under quarantine, and
  • they provide a signed, written oath that they do not exhibit any symptoms of the viral infection.

Government resolution as per 30. 04.  2020 (in Czech) (pdf)

New act no. 188/2020 coll., act no. 188/2020 coll., on special rules for education and decision-making at higher education institutions in 2020 and on the assessment of the period of study for the purposes of other acts

On April 24, 2020 the new Act No. 188/2020 Coll., on special rules for education and decision-making at higher education institutions in 2020 and on the assessment of the period of study for the purposes of other acts, was published in the Collection of Laws. The law reflects the emergency situation in connection with taking crisis management measures by the Government of the Czech Republic due to the COVID-19 pandemic and modifies certain aspects of entrance examinations and registration in an instituion of higher education, modification of study conditions and completion of the study with a state examination, decision making in an institution of higher education and assessing the period during which teaching at institutions of higher education was restricted, in relation to the period of study. The act became effective from the day of its publishing in the Collection of Laws and covers public, private and state institutions of higher education. The whole text is available here (pdf).


Dean‘s Announcement of April 28, 2020

By the resolution of the Czech government No. 455, personal presence of students at collective forms of teaching and examinations within studies at a university or a college was reprohibited in accordance with the Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendment to Other Acts (The Higher Education Act), as amended. Therefore face-to-face teaching will still not be realised, without any need of compensation, until further notice. 

The prohibition of personal presence of students does not apply to individual visits to the library and study rooms with the purpose to pick up or to return study materials and to personal presence of students: 

  • at mentoring sessions/tutorials or during examining with the presence of maximum 5 people, 
  • during laboratory, experimental or artistic work, mainly for completing theses within one’s studies in bachelor, master or doctoral study programmes with the presence of maximum 5 people. 

According to the above mentioned Resolution of the Government of the CR, personal presence is possible within clinical and practical training and practice, however this type of teaching, regarding the specifics of practical training and practice in study programmmes General Medicine and Dentistry, current epidemiological situaion in the CR and worldwide, organisational measures in health institutions, mainly FNOL and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and last but not least with regard to your health, is not currently possible. Thus the practical training will still be realised by distant learning until further notice. In agreement with health institutions it is possible to plan contracting practices of students for dates after the planned classes in summer semester are finished. 

Lectures and seminars can still be realised within distant learning only.

Whereas a lot of our students are still listed for voluntary aid at health and social institutions, the directive to count this activity into the passed classes, namely clinical practice, is still valid, so that the period of study will not be prolonged.

Examinations, credits and colloquiums can still be done online, but also in present form of examining when there is presence of maximum 5 people allowed in compliance with the defined hygienical measures. The form of completing the subject will be decided by the head of the department. Study rooms and library in the faculty building are still closed, UP library (Zbrojnice) works in restricted mode.

When entering the premises of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and the University Hospital Olomouc, a student must submit this affirmation.

Information for students

Dear students,

Below find information which was sent to all heads of departments.

"We contact you regarding English and Czech study programmes. In accordance with the instructions of the management of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, practical teaching from the period of government restrictions will be recognized without the need for compensation for ALL subjects of the Summer Semester 2020 without exception. In connection with the current release of restrictions for teaching, there is room for gradual renewal of practical exercises for Czech students and students from abroad (both in the Czech and English programme) who are in the Czech Republic or will gradually have the opportunity to participate in class in person. Due to the different limitations in individual clinical departments, it is necessary to solve the situation individually and inform students in time.

Especially for students of the English programmes, this is still unrealistic, and therefore their participation in practical classes will be recognized for the rest of the Summer Semester. The method and conditions of obtaining the credit are under the responsibility of the guarantors and according to the request of the Faculty management must be specified for individual subjects (compulsory, elective and optional) on Moodle (some departments have not updated the instructions on Moodle yet).

For the English programmes, it is NECESSARY to ensure the possibility of examination, after obtaining the credit, in a contactless form, because due to epidemiological circumstances, most students left Olomouc and the Czech Republic. Students of the English programmes who have stayed in Olomouc for various reasons should be able, after agreement with the examiner, to pass the exam in the standard contact form in case it will be possible due to the development of the epidemiological situation. Students will be informed about the proposed exam dates so that they can create their own calendar. An exception is valid for the last re-take dates, the organization and form of which depends on the decision of the subject guarantor.

The form and implementation of distance testing is at the responsible discretion of the guarantor. Please consider the instructions developed by the PU Rectorate Pedagogical Commission and which you have received ("Possibilities and methodological procedures for holding a distance (online) form of monitoring the fulfilment of students' study obligations") as a model example.

Both for Czech and English study programmes, the Faculty management is considering substitutions of practical bedside classes and practicing practical clinical skills (in a minimized form) in the form of a voluntary internship for focused students in the next semester, but this depends on the development of the situation and on the capacity of individual departments."

In case of further release of the restrictions and changes in current measures, the Faculty management will inform you.

Vice Deans of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The faculty will reopen for graduating students

Based upon new shifts in strategy by the Government of the Czech Republic as of 14 April 2020 in conjunction with the declared State of Emergency and the measures to prevent the spread of the new type of coronavirus, as of 20 April 2020 the premises of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry PU will be reopened to a limited extent, and solely for graduating students.

Nothing has changed regarding the status of students not in their final years of their degree programmes, including the ban on physical classes. Their presence at the university is still prohibited, and only on-line classes are permitted at this time, until further notice.

In conjunction with the partial reopening of the university, the possibilities for foreign students to finish their study requirements within their exchange programmes are being discussed by the Czech Ministries of Education and the Interior, as well as rectors of individual universities. More information will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Doc 1: Mimořádné opatření

New exceptions in measures prohibiting free movement of people at the territory of the Czech Republic

The regulation of the Ministry of Health of April 15, 2020 states exceptions from this prohibition, particularly travelling with the purpose of classes and exams or other activities at universities and colleges. 

Doc 2: Mimořádné opatření

The latest instructions by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry management concerning COVID-19

Basic information about Covid-19

In accordance with the Dean’s decision, the dates of the following state exams are cancelled: Epidemiology, Law and Social Medicine planned to be held on March 17 and 18, 2020; Surgery on March 16, 2020. Information on other planned dates of state exams will be regularly updated – PLEASE FOLLOW THE UPDATE!

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry management continuously deal with the situation at recurrent emergency meetings as well as through other channels. They communicate with superordinate authorities and cooperating institutions. The Faculty management is fully aware of their responsibility towards students and employees and therefore seeks solution which will help students meet their study requirements but at the same time will not interfere with any other regulation or measure, nor will threaten any of the parties involved. The below mentioned measures apply until further notice.


2. Measures and recommendations from UP management



4. Decisions of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry management regarding the existing situation of COVID-19

The measures issued by the superordinate authorities (Department of Health, Palacky University) apply. Regarding specifically the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry the management decided as follows:

  • Classes (including pre-study courses) can be realised via streaming, video presentations, commented presentations and other) (in case of General Medicine/Dentistry in both study languages)
  • The heads of departments will send instructions for self-study to the representatives of individual years in which respective classes are held, or students may enquire directly with individual departments if necessary
  • The Student Affairs Office may only be contacted via e-mail
  • With respect for the specific situation at the faculties of medicine, state exams will take place as originally scheduled. Students who will not be able to attend a state exam, which they are registered for, shall consult this fact with their course coordinator and inform the Student Affairs Office. The pre-attestation courses will be held via distance learning
  • All business trips of the faculty employees are cancelled immediately until further notice
  • The manner in which classes will be organised once the Government orders related to Covid-19 are no longer in effect is entirely under control of the heads of the departments, including possible compensation of the missed classes
  • By the decision of the management of the University Hospital, students are not permitted to collect or consume meals at the hospital canteen
  • Following the decision of the National Security Council of March 10, 2020, all professional events organised by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry with more than 30 participants are cancelled effective immediately; further decisions will be made according to epidemiological situation
  • The management of the faculty will further proceed in accordance with The Dean’s Regulation LF – B3-5/2012-PN
  • If you have any queries or concerns regarding the above stated measures, please contact the respective Vice-Deans.
  • All the above stated measures will be constantly updated as the situation develops The faculty employees and students are required to follow the information on the websites of the faculty as well as the university.
  • Relating to the current situation it is necessary to take measures concerning the Faculty premises valid from March 19 (Thursday), 2020.
    • You can only enter the building via reception. Only employees with valid employment cards will be allowed in.
    • The upper parking terrace will be closed. Please, use the other two terraces.
    • Cleaning in the Faculty buildings will take place in degraded mode and will be coordinated by Mainetnance services.


We ask you to trust our decisions and be patient. We strive to take only relevant steps and do the maximum possible.

Oficial website on coronavirus

Important information for students arriving from abroad

Resolution of the Czech Government no. 194 dated 12. 03. 2020 declared a state of emergency due to a health threat in connection with recorded occurrence of coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) at the territory of the Czech Republic. As a consequence of this there were further emergency measures issued by the government and individual ministries. These measures are binding for all persons residing in the Czech Republic, and any breach of such measures can result in administrative or criminal penalties.

In connection with all of the above, the Czech Government has on 30. 03. 2020 issued a resolution no.334, which stipulates the following obligation, which is relevant for students of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, UP.  

Foreigners, who hold a temporary residence over 90 days or a permanent residence at the territory of the Czech Republic and minors of Czech citizens, who were outside the Czech Republic prior to the travel ban, are obliged to

report immediately upon entering the Czech Republic by telephone or other remote media to their general healthcare provider operating as a general practitioner. If they are not registered with any such provider, they must report to any provider/general practitioner.

Related to this is also an obligation

for all healthcare providers operating as general practitioners to decide about quarantine with a duration of 14 days in accordance with §2 paragraph 7, letter a) of an Act no. 258/2000 Coll. about protection of public health and amendments of other acts for all persons who report their entry to the Czech Republic.

We urge all students to abide by the above stated obligation, mainly with respect for their own health as well as health of their peers, teachers, doctors and other health professionals, who need to stay healthy in order to be able to help others while doing their jobs.

Conditions and particulars required for ENTRY the national territory of the Czech Republic

Dear student,

We would like to call your attention to the information from the Ministry of Interior on conditions and particulars required for entering the national territory of the CR, effective from April 27, 2020. The full text is here .

The exception for pupils and students entering the territory of the CR

This exception is only valid for persons who are permitted to enter the CR (EU citizen, CZ citizen living abroad, a foreigner from a visa-free country, etc.). It is mainly the case of doing examinations, including entrance exams, or necessary consultations which are not possible to be done within distant learning, at secondary schools and universities and colleges.

Also these are EU citizens who have their previous residence in the CR and they attend school in the CR (return to the Czech territory – not the first entry) and entry of citizens from third countries who have their temporary or permanent residence at the territory of the CR; entry of EU citizens in order to study at a university at the Czech territory without any previous residence or study at the CR more than 72 hours (new students); entry of cross-border pupils and students from neighbouring countries studying at the territory of the CR.