The latest instructions by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry management concerning COVID-19

Basic information about Covid-19

In accordance with the Dean’s decision, the dates of the following state exams are cancelled: Epidemiology, Law and Social Medicine planned to be held on March 17 and 18, 2020; Surgery on March 16, 2020. Information on other planned dates of state exams will be regularly updated – PLEASE FOLLOW THE UPDATE!

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry management continuously deal with the situation at recurrent emergency meetings as well as through other channels. They communicate with superordinate authorities and cooperating institutions. The Faculty management is fully aware of their responsibility towards students and employees and therefore seeks solution which will help students meet their study requirements but at the same time will not interfere with any other regulation or measure, nor will threaten any of the parties involved. The below mentioned measures apply until further notice.


2. Measures and recommendations from UP management



4. Decisions of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry management regarding the existing situation of COVID-19

The measures issued by the superordinate authorities (Department of Health, Palacky University) apply. Regarding specifically the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry the management decided as follows:

  • Classes (including pre-study courses) can be realised via streaming, video presentations, commented presentations and other) (in case of General Medicine/Dentistry in both study languages)
  • The heads of departments will send instructions for self-study to the representatives of individual years in which respective classes are held, or students may enquire directly with individual departments if necessary
  • The Student Affairs Office may only be contacted via e-mail
  • With respect for the specific situation at the faculties of medicine, state exams will take place as originally scheduled. Students who will not be able to attend a state exam, which they are registered for, shall consult this fact with their course coordinator and inform the Student Affairs Office. The pre-attestation courses will be held via distance learning
  • All business trips of the faculty employees are cancelled immediately until further notice
  • The manner in which classes will be organised once the Government orders related to Covid-19 are no longer in effect is entirely under control of the heads of the departments, including possible compensation of the missed classes
  • By the decision of the management of the University Hospital, students are not permitted to collect or consume meals at the hospital canteen
  • Following the decision of the National Security Council of March 10, 2020, all professional events organised by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry with more than 30 participants are cancelled effective immediately; further decisions will be made according to epidemiological situation
  • The management of the faculty will further proceed in accordance with The Dean’s Regulation LF – B3-5/2012-PN
  • If you have any queries or concerns regarding the above stated measures, please contact the respective Vice-Deans.
  • All the above stated measures will be constantly updated as the situation develops The faculty employees and students are required to follow the information on the websites of the faculty as well as the university.
  • Relating to the current situation it is necessary to take measures concerning the Faculty premises valid from March 19 (Thursday), 2020.
    • You can only enter the building via reception. Only employees with valid employment cards will be allowed in.
    • The upper parking terrace will be closed. Please, use the other two terraces.
    • Cleaning in the Faculty buildings will take place in degraded mode and will be coordinated by Mainetnance services.


We ask you to trust our decisions and be patient. We strive to take only relevant steps and do the maximum possible.

Oficial website on coronavirus

Important information for students arriving from abroad

Resolution of the Czech Government no. 194 dated 12. 03. 2020 declared a state of emergency due to a health threat in connection with recorded occurrence of coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) at the territory of the Czech Republic. As a consequence of this there were further emergency measures issued by the government and individual ministries. These measures are binding for all persons residing in the Czech Republic, and any breach of such measures can result in administrative or criminal penalties.

In connection with all of the above, the Czech Government has on 30. 03. 2020 issued a resolution no.334, which stipulates the following obligation, which is relevant for students of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, UP.  

Foreigners, who hold a temporary residence over 90 days or a permanent residence at the territory of the Czech Republic and minors of Czech citizens, who were outside the Czech Republic prior to the travel ban, are obliged to

report immediately upon entering the Czech Republic by telephone or other remote media to their general healthcare provider operating as a general practitioner. If they are not registered with any such provider, they must report to any provider/general practitioner.

Related to this is also an obligation

for all healthcare providers operating as general practitioners to decide about quarantine with a duration of 14 days in accordance with §2 paragraph 7, letter a) of an Act no. 258/2000 Coll. about protection of public health and amendments of other acts for all persons who report their entry to the Czech Republic.

We urge all students to abide by the above stated obligation, mainly with respect for their own health as well as health of their peers, teachers, doctors and other health professionals, who need to stay healthy in order to be able to help others while doing their jobs.

Conditions and particulars as referred to in point I.1 of the Resolution No. 334 of March 30, 2020 required for ENTRY the national territory of the Czech Republic valid from 31. 3. 2020 until 12. 4. 2020

Dear student,

We would like to call your attention to the information from the Ministry of Interior on conditions and particulars required for entering the national territory of the CR. Full text is here .
We would like to specifically stress the part concerning EU citizens entering the CR, including Slovak citizens.

The EU citizen with temporary residence permit on the territory of the Czech Republic shall prove himself/herself especially by these valid documents:

  • Confirmation of temporary residence on the territory of CZ (issued by MoI, eventually by the CZ Police);
  • Confirmation of permanent residence on the territory of CZ;
  • Health insurance card issued by the Czech health insurance;
  • Contract of purchase, lease or rent of property on the territory of CZ;
  • Work contract with an employer on the territory of CZ;
  • Trade license issued in CZ;
  • Certificate of incorporation where the EU citizen is stated as a statutory representative or statutory body;
  • Confirmation of study on the territory of CZ

The possibility of entry based on different documents than the Confirmation of temporary residence or the Confirmation of permanent residence on the territory of the Czech Republic will end on 5. 4. 2020 – those who wants to arrive to the Czech Republic because they have here a residence, work, school and so on here, they must do so as soon as possible! This measure is aimed at returning of EU citizens living in the Czech Republic and therefore is a time-limited because it is intended to be only ONE-OFF RETURN for people living here.  

An EU citizen with a residence permit on the territory of CZ who enters the CZ has an obligation to contact his / her doctor and undergo an ordered mandatory 14-day long quarantine.