Student Research Projects

Student researchers participate in research activities at departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University Olomouc. Student researchers participate in research activities at departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University Olomouc. After a list of proposed student research projects is published, students may apply by submitting a filled-in application form to the particular department (see the Dean’s directive on student research projects and undergraduate teaching assistants - in Czech). Selected candidates will become student researchers appointed by the Dean. Students working as students researchers are awarded CZK 4000 per academic year (see the Dean’s directive - in Czech).

In the academic year 2017-2018, student researchers and undergraduate teaching assistants will receive CZK 4000 per academic year.

Mgr. Veronika Glogarová
Communication officer
phone: 585 632 061


Rules of Student Research Projects

SVOČ Rules for Academic Year 2021/2022

  1. Each department may offer up to 10 posts for student researchers. No more than two General Medicine students may work on the same project. Several Dentistry students may work on the same project. However, topics from the previous academic year which were not possible to be finished due to the epidemiological situation; i.e. students who will continue to work on the topic from the past academic year (2020/2021), will not be counted into the limit of 10 (this fact has to be mentioned explicitly when sending the topics from the department).       
  2. Students apply for a particular project by submitting a filled-in application form to the secretary of that particular department no later than July, 14 2021. After a head’s approval and checking the number of students and topics, a secretary will deliver all applications to Ms. Veronika Glogarová (Dean’s office). One student may apply for one project only. (However, topics from the previous academic year which were not possible to be finished due to the epidemiological situation are an exception, i.e. a student may have 2 topics – one from 2020/2021 and one from 2021/2022. A student has to state explicitly in the application form that the topic is from the last academic year). For any case, a student has to submit a new application form.
  3. Certificates          confirming beginning work on the topic will be sent to students via post within September 2021 (to the address they stated in the application form).
  4. Students may change their project or supervisor within the same department by submitting a written application no later than February 28, 2022.
  5. The date of the conference is written in the Schedule of the academic year (May 25, 2021). Abstracts must be submitted to Ms Veronika Glogarová ( no later than April 10, 2022, posters must be submitted no later than April 30, 2022. In case any corrections in abstracts are required, the corrected abstracts will be submitted by April 17, 2022. These need to be formatted in accordance with instructions on the student research project website; otherwise, the project will not be accepted for presentation at the conference. Files shall be named Author's surname_Title of presentation_Type (abstract.doc; or .pdf in case of a poster).
  6. The presentation is based on an electronic poster and lasts 3 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions and discussion. Dentistry students may be given different requirements on their presentation.
  7. The conference jury will select three best student research project presentations in each of the following categories: Basic Science, Clinical, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry; and a winning project in General Medicine category. Their authors will receive a financial award. The works from the academic year 2020/2021 shall be presented outside the competition.
  8. All students who submit the abstract and poster and attend the entire conference will receive CZK 4000 in accordance with the Dean's directive. This sum will be divided among two or more students working on the same project based on their contributions (the decision will be made by their supervisor).
  9. Three projects will receive Student Awards based on the poll of students present at the conference.
  10. Volunteer conference organizers will receive a financial award.


Prof. RNDr. Hana Kolářová, CSc.

Doc. MUDr. Eva Klásková, Ph.D.

Topics of Student Research Projects

Completed applications including the statement by the head of the Department shall be returned to the secretary of the respective Department.


Format of Abstract

Abstract for Collection

Format of abstract for student research projects 2017/2018

Extent1 page
Paper formatA5
Right margin2 cm
Left margin2 cm
Top margin2 cm
Bottom margin 2.7 cm
FontTimes New Roman
Font size10
Name of abstractbold, upper case letters, alignment in block
Authorsurname + initial; bold
Supervisorsurname + initial; bold
Highlighting important concepts in textItalics
Alignment of textIn block
Space between paragraphs4 b.
Division of wordsmanual
LanguageCzech / English
Abbreviationsnot to be used
Support of grants (optional information)in Italics, at the end of the abstract

Example of the abstract (.docx)

Poster Requirements

When preparing your piece, please adhere to the following rules:

  • dimensions: 140 x 85 cm, landscape orientation
  • title in font size 100
  • recommended font size for the rest of the poster, including descriptions of pictures and tables, is 40
  • state the author’s and supervisor’s name under the title of your poster
  • language: Czech/English
  • requirements for pictures, photographs, charts and tables
    • each item should have its own designation, number and name (e.g. Pic. 1 Blood circulation, Chart 1 The incidence of cancer, Tab. 1 Number of new patients), which are to be placed ABOVE the picture, chart or a table
    • source of picture, chart or a table → place UNDER each respective item. It should be written in italics, font size 10; internet sources should be stated non-underlined and in black, date of citation should also be stated (e.g., cit. 16.6.2014)
  • individual parts of the text should be aligned to a block
  • state any sources of literature
  • the poster should be prepared in any graphic editor (software for preparation of presentations can be used)
  • poster should be saved in PDF format
  • pay attention to the visual appearance of your poster – good font type, make it legible, appropriate background and text colours, place your pictures and charts well; also pay attention to the graphic design and the colour combination 

Compliance with these rules will make your piece easily legible and attractive!

If you have any questions regarding preparation of your poster, please contact Mgr. Jaromír Vachutka (

Poster example (pdf)

FAQ SVOČ 2020/2021

  1. Will the current 6th year students be able to present their work at the conference next year? Will their abstracts be included in the conference proceedings? 
    The current 6th year students can present their work at the conference next year outside the competition and their abstracts can be included in the conference proceedings. However, they will not obtain any financial award.
  2. How do I get the credits? Is there any form?
    The form for confirming the course credit is here, it should be confirmed by a supervisor and submitted to the study department.
  3. Can I choose a different topic for the next year or do I have to continue with this year’s topic which has not been presented?
    You can choose any topic you want.
  4. Can I present both topics at the next conference, i.e. the topic from this year as well as from the next one?
    Yes, you can. However, scholarship or any financial award will only be provided for the next academic year 2020/2021, not for both topics.
  5. Can student’s work on the topic be confirmed via e-mail?
    Yes, either using the form mentioned above sent to V. Glogarova or the study department, or by e-mail stating the student’s full name, the topic and the name of the supervisor.
  6. Will any awards concerning SVOČ be paid this year?
    No. No students will be given any financial awards for SVOČ this year.

Conference 2020/2021

Dear students involved in research projects,

This academic year, we are again facing epidemiological obstacles which do not allow us to organize a public presentation of results of your research activities within SVOČ as we used to do during the previous years. In agreement with the student representatives, the faculty management has decided that this year SVOČ will be completed without a public defence. An evaluation committee has been appointed which will assess your posters with focus on their formal structure, scientific methodology, description and result assessment as well as clarity of a poster. Students whose work will meet the given criteria will be given certificates for successful researchers and a credit. Also these students will be awarded special financial contribution. Abstracts of individual projects will be published in proceedings which will be distributed to all participants together with their certificates and posters will be published at the faculty website.

The Faculty management

SVOČ winners 2018/2019

Interní sekce

1. Claudia Gürtlerová
2. Martin Mareš
3. Zdeněk Ramík

Klinická sekce

1. Dominika Lachmanová
2. Adam Rafaj
3. Pavla Pučálková
3. Alena Křesťanová

Chirurgická sekce

1. Marek Šlachta
2. Michaela Železníková
3. Ondřej Česák

Teoretická a preklinická sekce

1. Dominik Prachař
2. Veronika Glumbíková a Kateřina Pospíšilíková
3. David Klepárník
3. Adam Chudoba a Jozef Višňovský

Sekce zubního lékařství

1. Kateřina Brachtlová a Martina Ponížilová
2. Romana Husárová a Zuzana Koniarová
3. Adam Kovalčík a Katrin Mašková

General Medicine

1. Rashi Mane
2. Abdul Nadim
3. Hammaad Muin Ahmad

Evaluation Committee

Prof. MUDr. Josef Zadražil, CSc.
Prof. MUDr. Milan Kolář, Ph.D.
Prof. MUDr. Petr Kaňovský, CSc., FEAN
Prof. RNDr. Hana Kolářová, CSc.
Doc. MUDr. Eva Klásková, Ph.D., MHA
MDDr. Iva Voborná, Ph.D.
Prof. Mgr. MUDr. Milan Raška, Ph.D.
Prof. Mgr. Martin Modrianský, Ph.D.