Student Research Projects

Student researchers participate in research activities at departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University Olomouc. Student researchers participate in research activities at departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University Olomouc. After a list of proposed student research projects is published, students may apply by submitting a filled-in application form to the particular department (see the Dean’s directive on student research projects and undergraduate teaching assistants - in Czech). Selected candidates will become student researchers appointed by the Dean. Students working as students researchers are awarded CZK 2000 per academic year (see the Dean’s directive - in Czech).

Mgr. Hana Slováková

Science and Research Office
phone: 585 632 062



Rules of Student Research Projects

  1. Each department shall offer SVOČ positions for a maximum of 10 students per department.
  2. A maximum of two students of Všeobecné lékařství or General Medicine study programs may work on one topic. For the Dentistry degree program, a maximum of three students may address one topic.
  3. Students should submit their applications for a specific topic for the SVOČ thesis to the secretary of a department/clinic no later than 31 July 2024. After approval by the head, after checking the number of students and topics, the secretary of the department/clinic will submit all applications at once to the dean's office of the LF UP to Mgr. Hana Slováková.
  4. One student may apply for a maximum of one topic. If a student continues to work on his/her thesis in the next academic year, he/she must submit the application again.
  5. For those interested, the course "Zvýšení kompetencí řešitelů SVOČ" is prepared. It is intended especially for students who are implementing SVOČ for the first time (in Czech only).
  6. The date of the conference is Tuesday 29 April 2025.
  7. Abstracts and posters will be accepted ONLY simultaneously (in one email!) and ONLY during the week of 3 - 7 March 2025 at The sender MUST be a student (not a supervisor). Failure to meet these basic conditions will result in the student's work not being included in the abstract book or conference presentation program for that academic year.
  8. The format of abstracts and posters is specified in the documents placed on the LF UP website in the SVOČ section and must be fully observed, otherwise the topic will not be accepted for presentation.
  9. A topic or a supervisor within a department can be changed via an e-mail request sent by 19 January 2025, together with a sufficient explanation, to and can only be considered approved after written (e-mail) confirmation. The supervisor must always recieve a copy of the email and the student must have secured their approval.
  10. If the topic is in Czech, the paper must also be submitted in Czech. If the topic is given in English, the paper must also be submitted in English. No other language is allowed.
  11. All communication with the student must be from his/her school ( email address.
  12. If a student decides (for any reason) not to submit the results of his/her work (abstract and poster), he/she is obliged to inform about this in writing to by 28 February 2025.
  13. The expert committees will choose the three best presentations of student scientific papers in the following sections:

1) Theoretical and Preclinical Section

2) Clinical and Internal Medicine Section

3) Surgery Section

4) Dentistry Section

5)  General Medicine Section

  1. The scholarship for the SVOČ will be provided in the amount of CZK 2000 in the academic year 2024/2025. The condition for payment of the scholarship is submitting the abstract, the poster, and presenting the work at the conference. If more than one student is working on the topic, the scholarship will be divided according to the amount of work done (determined by the supervisor).
  2. The supervisor must have a university degree and must have an employment relationship with the UP Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and/or the University Hospital Olomouc. 

prof. RNDr. Hana Kolářová, CSc.                                         doc. MUDr. Eva Klásková, Ph.D., MHA


Format of Abstract

Abstract for Collection:

Extent: 1 page
Paper format: A5
Right margin: 2 cm
Left margin: 2 cm
Top margin: 2 cm
Bottom margin: 2.7 cm
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 10
Abstact should be sent in Word format
Name of abstract: bold, upper case letters, alignment in block
Author: surname + initial; bold
Supervisor: surname + initial; bold
Highlighting important concepts in text: Italics
Alignment of text: In block
Space between paragraphs: 4 b.
Spacing: simple
Indentation: none
Division of words: manual
Language: Czech / English
Abbreviations: not to be used
Support of grants (optional information): in Italics, at the end of the abstract

Example of the abstract (.docx)

Poster Requirements

When preparing your piece, please adhere to the following rules:

  • dimensions: 140 x 85 cm, landscape orientation
  • title in font size 100
  • recommended font size for the rest of the poster, including descriptions of pictures and tables, is 40
  • state the author’s and supervisor’s name under the title of your poster
  • language: Czech/English
  • requirements for pictures, photographs, charts and tables
    • each item should have its own designation, number and name (e.g. Pic. 1 Blood circulation, Chart 1 The incidence of cancer, Tab. 1 Number of new patients), which are to be placed ABOVE the picture, chart or a table
    • source of picture, chart or a table → place UNDER each respective item. It should be written in italics, font size 10; internet sources should be stated non-underlined and in black, date of citation should also be stated (e.g., cit. 16.6.2014)
  • individual parts of the text should be aligned to a block
  • state any sources of literature
  • the poster should be prepared in any graphic editor (software for preparation of presentations can be used)
  • poster should be saved in PDF format
  • pay attention to the visual appearance of your poster – good font type, make it legible, appropriate background and text colours, place your pictures and charts well; also pay attention to the graphic design and the colour combination 

Compliance with these rules will make your piece easily legible and attractive!


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