Doctoral Study Programmes


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Accreditation until

Anatomy, Histology and EmbryologyP515431. 07. 2020
Physiology and Pathological PhysiologyP515631. 07. 2021
Gynaecology and ObstetricsP516831. 07. 2021
Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and EpidemiologyP516931. 07. 2021

31. 08. 2019

Medical BiophysicsP518131. 07. 2021
Medical BiologyP515231. 07. 2021
Medical PharmacologyP515731. 07. 2021
Medical GeneticsP517731. 07. 2021
Medical Chemistry and Clinical BiochemistryP518631. 07. 2021
Medical ImmunologyP517831. 07. 2021
Medical MicrobiologyP516631. 07. 2021
NeurologyP517231. 07. 2021
NeurosciencesP518831. 12. 2020
OncologyP516231. 07. 2021
OtorhinolaryngologyP516431. 07. 2021
Pathological Anatomy and Forensic MedicineP518031. 07. 2021
PaediatricsP517431. 07. 2021
PsychiatryP516031. 08. 2019
UrologyP518431. 07. 2021
Internal MedicineP517131. 07. 2021
Social MedicineP516131. 12. 2020
DentistryP516531. 12. 2020
Imaging MethodsP517931. 07. 2021

Postgraduate Studies (Doctoral Study Programme, PhD)

The study prepares experts for creative research work. Studies are completed with a state doctoral examination and the defense of a dissertation, illustrating student's ability and readiness to work independently in the field of research. Graduates are then awarded the degree Ph.D. Prospective candidates must have a master's degree and are admitted to the program based on an entrance examination.

Undergraduate and postgraduate studies are supported by the research center Biomedreg including a chance to participate for science-oriented students.

At Palacký University Olomouc, doctoral degree programmes of study, including dissertation defenses are regulated by Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education InstitutionsStudy and Examination Code of Palacký University and Directive of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Palacký University to Implement the Study and Examination Code of Palacký University.

In accordance with Article 44 of the Study and Examination Code of Palacký University Olomouc, dissertation is a comprehensive work which includes the published results of scientific and creative work of a doctoral student or results accepted to be published. By means of the dissertation, the doctoral student demonstrates his ability carry out scientific activities individually and creatively.

presentation of the dissertation shall be attached to the dissertation. The purpose of such a presentation is to inform about the results of the dissertation. The presentation shall include a brief table of contents of the dissertation and a list of the doctoral student’s published works. The presentation shall be written in the language of the dissertation and a summary in English or another world language shall be attached to it. If the dissertation and its presentation are written in a language other than Czech or Slovak, then the summary shall be in Czech or Slovak.

A doctoral student shall file an application for the Dissertation Defense; a Supervisor’s statement as to whether the dissertation meets the requirements for its defense shall be attached to the application. The dissertation (5 copies) and the presentation (25 copies) shall also be attached to the application, as well as other documents (as stated in the form).

The dissertation shall be reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers appointed by the President of the Subject-area Board. The reviewer shall independently write a reviewer's report on the submitted dissertation not later than within 6 weeks of the delivery of the dissertation and of the letter of appointment.

 All members of the Dissertation Defense Board, the Supervisor and the doctoral student shall receive invitations for the Dissertation Defense not later than 20 days prior to the date of the defense. The external reviewers’ reports on the dissertation and the presentation thereof shall be attached to all invitations. The place and the date of the Dissertation Defense are published on the official notice board of the faculty.

The Dissertation Defense Board, appointed by the Dean, shall consist of a minimum of five members, including its President, Vice-President and other academic and scientific staff of the faculty, Palacký University, other universities and scientific centers, or other renowned professional experts. A minimum of two members of the Dissertation Defense Board shall be persons other than academic staff members employed by Palacký University. 
The Dissertation Defense is public, but its course shall be evaluated by the Dissertation Defense Board at a closed session.

The Dissertation Defense Board decides on the result of the Dissertation Defense by secret vote. The result may be either “pass” or “fail”. A majority of all members present voting "pass" is required for the “pass” assessment.

If the student has not defended the dissertation, the President of the Dissertation Defense Board shall inform the student of such a result and instruct him on how to rewrite the dissertation. After the dissertation has been rewritten, a doctoral student may not retake the dissertation defense more than once, and not earlier than six months after the first defense. The deadline for re-taking the dissertation defense is the maximum length of study pursuant to Article 32 (3) of the Study and Examination Code.

State Doctoral Examinations and Dissertations

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